Friday, October 31, 2008

Cream Can Cookout

The Iowa State football season isn't going very well this year, but one thing we have done well is tailgated. Thanks to a birthday present from Mom and Dad, I was able to host a good old fashioned Cream Can Cookout outside the 1986 Travelcraft.

Just a quick note on the ingredients:
From bottom to top.
1 package of New Orleans style crab boil.
25 Red Potatoes
3 lbs Carrots
6 Onions (quartered)
2 Heads of Cabbage (halved)
1 pound of mushrooms
20 lbs of Brats, sausages and hotdogs.

Pour 6 cans of beer on top of all of that, and place it over a flame for 2 1/2 hours.

This is Chad and I tending the cream can. Did I mention that I had a red mohawk for the game?

Drumroll please. The final product, piping hot, and very deeeee-lish.

Gotta follow up that good food with a Flabongo?

What is a flabongo?

It's when you take a plastic flamingo, cut the beak off, cut the tail off, pour a beer into it, then chug the beer. Best when done with 2 other friends.

You may have noticed that I'm the only one drinking out of a pink flamingo. The other two were "Halloween Flamingos". I prefer pink because it brings out my inner feminine self.




Bikes Blues and BBQ

I have some catching up to do on some of my activities lately.

I recently took a trip down to Fayetteville, Arkansas for an awesome bike rally. It just so happens that the Saturday while I was down there, it was also my birthday. It worked out well, because everywhere I went it was well known, thank to my friends, that I was celebrating a birthday. Needless to say, I had well over 25 beers bought for me throughout the day. I spread the love to my riding buddies so I wouldn't have to turn in early.

This was my riding crew hanging out at our favorite Dixon St bar.
From left to right: The Birthday boy, Matt Carter, Jake Whitten, Dick Hakes, Tony Hakes.

Here we are with our bikes at the hotel getting ready to head out for a ride.

This is a guy in a kilt that bought me a birthday beer. Other then the kilt, he was not cool.

Here we are at a concert with some random guy. He seemed nice. Might have been a bum.

Awesome trip, great company, and a birthday that I will remember forever.
Thank you very much to everyone involved.