Monday, December 10, 2007

10 Point Buck

Just got back from a great weekend of deer hunting in Southern Iowa. The first day out I managed to shoot 3 does. But the big salami came the following day, when I shot this beauty:

Not a bad deer for my first buck ever. It was shot with a .50 Caliber pistol from about 75 yards away. (Note the bandana around my neck) That's the team symbol of my sharp shooting pistol hunting crew. We call ourselves "The Pistoleros".

The DNR even payed us a visit and told us to shoot as many deer as we can this year, because Iowa is already severely overpopulated. He said everyone needs to fill out their tage 100%, or we are going to have a very very serious problem next year.

OK, fine. I'll hunt more.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


I got this link forwarded to me the other day from Tony Hakes, and I thought it was really funny. It's basically a website where you can upload pictures of people and turn them into dancing elves.

Here's one I threw together for fun:

Let me know if you recognize anyone.
(FYI: Corky Thatcher is NOT one of them, although his twin brother is)